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Precise Pipe

Automotive Precision Tube

Upload Tiem:2008-04-22
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Product Details

Precision Seamless Steel Tube for Mechanical and Automobile

Application Backbone of Automobile and rear axle tube.

Manufacturing and process of precision equipment,instrument and mechanical part.

Production Standard,Steel No. DIN2391 St35,St45,St52

ASTM A519 1010,1020 ,1025,1035 ,1045

ASTM A513 1010,1020 ,1025,1035 ,1040


BS6323-4 CFS,CFS3A,CFS4-11

EN10305-1 E215,E235,E355

JIS G 3441 SCM 415TK,SCM 430 TK,SCM 440 TK

GB/T3639 10,20,35,45

GB8713 H8,H9,H10

GB/T 8162 10, 20, 16Mn, 35, 45, 20CrMo, 35CrMo, 42CrMo

Delivery Condition GBK,BKS,BK,BKW,NBK

Inspections and tests performed Chemical Composition,Mechanical Properties,Visual appearance and dimensions Test,NDT,Grain Size Test.

Surface treatment Oil-dip,varnish,Shot Blasting

Size Range O.D 12.7-110mm

W.T 1.2-14mm