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Free Cutting Stee Strip

Free Cutting Steel Strip

Upload Tiem:2008-04-22
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Product Details

Free cutting steel is added to a certain amount of one or more of the sulfur, phosphorus, lead, calcium, selenium, TE and other easy cutting elements, in order to improve the machinability of the alloy steel. This kind of steel can be cut with a higher cutting speed and a larger cutting depth. Due to the steel added to the free cutting element, the cutting resistance of the steel decreases, and it is easy to be characteristic of the cutting element itself and the formation of compounds from lubricating effect, thereby reducing the workpiece surface roughness and improve tool life and production efficiency. Mainly used for metal appliances, such as: garden tools, barbecue grill, screw, key, etc.


【main steel grade and chemical consistent】


【size range】



【delivery status】

Full hard, semi hard, soft anneal, Spheroidizing annealed, Quenching and Tempering,

【edge conditions】


E0  Unprocessed edge

E1  Slit edge

E2  Slit edge, surface without burr

E3  Slit edge deburred

E4  90° squared edge, rounded corners

E5  Round edge

E6  90° squared edge, sharp

E7  90° squared edge, slightly beveled corners

E8  Convex rounded edge

E9  Cutting edge